Frequently Asked Questions

The mandate of KNCCI-Nairobi is to represent and promote the interests of businesses operating within Nairobi County. This includes advocating for a conducive business environment, providing essential services and support to businesses, fostering networking opportunities, and facilitating trade and investment within the region.

Any individual/ business entity, including sole proprietorships, partnerships, corporations, and associations, operating within Nairobi County, is eligible to join KNCCI-Nairobi. Membership is open to businesses of all sizes and across various industries.

To become a member of KNCCI-Nairobi, interested businesses can fill out a membership application form available on our website or contact our office directly for assistance. Once the application is submitted along with the required documentation and membership fees, it will be processed by our team.

Membership fees vary depending on the type and size of the business. Detailed information regarding membership fees and categories can be obtained by contacting KNCCI-Nairobi directly or visiting our website for the latest fee structure.

Yes, KNCCI membership is subject to renewal on an annual basis. Members are required to renew their membership annually to continue enjoying the benefits and privileges associated with KNCCI-Nairobi membership.

Upon successful membership application and payment of membership fees, members will receive a membership certificate from KNCCI-Nairobi. The certificate serves as official documentation of membership and may be required for various business purposes.

KNCCI-Nairobi is located in MCK Nairobi Synod Offices, Muthangari Road, Nairobi County, Kenya. Our office address and contact information can be found on our website or by contacting us directly for assistance.

An Ordinary Certificate of Origin is an official document issued by KNCCI or other authorized bodies that certifies the origin of goods exported from Kenya. This document may be required by customs authorities in the importing country to determine eligibility for preferential tariff treatment or other trade agreements.

Businesses can apply for an Ordinary Certificate of Origin through the Kenya Chamber website under the services tab (COO Application) or other authorized issuing bodies designated by the government. The application process typically involves providing relevant documentation, such as invoices, shipping documents, and a declaration of origin, along with any required fees.

KNCCI-Nairobi welcomes partnerships with government agencies, non-governmental organizations, international institutions, private sector entities, and other stakeholders interested in promoting business development, trade facilitation, and economic growth within Nairobi County.

No, KNCCI (Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry) is a non-governmental organization representing the interests of businesses in Kenya. While KNCCI collaborates closely with government agencies and policymakers to advocate for a conducive business environment, it operates independently as a membership-based organization.