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Kenya National Chamber of Commerce & Industry -Nairobi

The Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KNCCI) -Nairobi County is a chapter of KNCCI, a non-profit autonomous and business membership organisation (BMO) established in 1965 as the umbrella body of the private sector in Kenya.

The Nairobi Chamber represents and protects interests of the business community in Nairobi by supporting the development of Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs), lobbying for a favourable environment for businesses in the County and promoting Nairobi as a preferred national/International business and investment hub.

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Services Offered by KNCCI-Nairobi

As a Business Membership Organization (BMO), our activities are based on member needs and problems, which includes economic and social issues.

Membership Benefits

The following are the benefits which our members have, giving them a competitive edge in their businesses:

  • Affiliate Membership to all KNCCI Chambers.
  • Invitation to Chamber Events.
  • Membership Rate for Chamber Events.
  • Discounted Certificate of Origin Rates.
  • Information Bulletin-Biweekly Basis.
  • Access to Trade Fairs & Exhibitions
  • Promote Events on Chamber Calendar-Quarterly Basis.
  • Promote Business with Branding Material and Events.
  • Referral Programs.
  • Government Representation and Participation (round table meetings.)

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