Message from Chairman

The Nairobi Chamber remains grateful for the positive outcomes the year has presented to us as the negative effects of Covid 19 pandemic continue to wear off. We revamped our physical activities at the beginning of 2022 and rolled out several business initiatives. 

The Nairobi Chamber has resilient members who remain the largest employers in various business sectors in Nairobi / Kenya despite the negative effects of Covid 19 in the last two years. Some businesses still continue to experience challenges that with time, we shall together address for the betterment of the business community. 

As a result of the business activities we have held, several businesses were able to transform their enterprises via networking, accessing finance and markets, capacity building, advocacy, and adopting innovative technologies through Nairobi Chamber platforms and linkages.

Welcome to The Nairobi Chamber.  

Our Awesome Services

Services Offered by KNCCI-Nairobi

As a Business Membership Organization (BMO), our activities are based on member needs and problems, which include economic and social issues.

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Advocacy Services
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Business Forums
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Arbitration Cases
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Diplomatic Rep.

Membership Benefits

The following are the benefits that our members have, giving them a competitive edge in their businesses:

Affiliate Membership to all KNCCI Chambers.
Invitation to Chamber Events.
Membership Rate for Chamber Events.
Discounted Certificate of Origin Rates.
Information Bulletin-Biweekly Basis.
Access to Trade Fairs & Exhibitions.
Promote Events on Chamber Calendar-Quarterly Basis.
Promote Business with Branding Material and Events.
Referral Programs.
Government Representation and Participation (round table meetings).
Our Partners

We have many partners with outstanding growth.

We have collaborated with a long list of customers, located in and out of the country. Thanks to them we have grown as professionals.

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