Methodist Church of Kenya Nairobi synod office

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+254 (0)20 2403437

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What we do


As a business membership organization, our activities are based on member needs and problems, which includes economic and social issues.Below are some of the services offered by the Chamber:

1. Advocacy Services

Being a membership organization the Chamber affords members a collective voice. It lobbies for the formulation of policies that support business development and for the repeal of those that adversely affect business operations. The Chamber also lobbies for the establishment and maintenance of business friendly infrastructures and tax regimes i.e. V.A.T, Single Business Permits

2. Memorandum of Understandings and Co-operations:

The Chamber has signed a number of co-operation agreements aimed at fostering trade, commercial and industrial co-operation with Chambers of Commerce and Trade Promotional Organizations. Through these agreements the Chamber is able to address and foster enabling trade relations with our trading partners, organizations and companies.

3. Multilateral, Bilateral and Region Integration:

In an attempt to overcome and successfully integrate and participate in the global market economy, Kenya is a member and signatory to a number of regional, bilateral and multilateral trade agreements. To ensure that the interest of the Business Community are represented and to influence the decisions therein, the Chamber is an active member of the National Committee on WTO, COMESA, EAC and ACP – EU

4. Internal Trade Promotion

The Chamber promotes trade by campaigning for business friendly economic measures and opposing those that tend to hinder the free exchange of products and services.

5. Inbound, Outbound and Trade Delegations

The Chamber organizes partnerships and joint venture meetings between Kenyan entrepreneurs to meet inbound business delegations, co-coordinates outgoing trade delegations and missions thus ensuring successful exploitation of business opportunities.

6. Export Promotion Activities

The Chamber assists members to participate in foreign trade missions, trade fairs and exhibitions.  Members also get to meet visiting trade delegations as well as receive trade inquiries from all over the world.

8. Diplomatic Representation

The Chamber acts as a medium of communication between commercial sections of foreign embassies in Kenya and the business community.  We also maintain constant communications with Kenya’s commercial attaches abroad for the benefit of our business community.

7. Trade Information and Business Advisory

Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KNCCI) – Nairobi has the expertise to advise companies in evaluating and implementing the most appropriate company investment structures in Kenya that meet their goals and maximize their tax efficiency.

Our business advisory service includes:

  • Kenya Government Policy Advisory
  • Kenya Business Environment and Industry Surveys
  • Kenya Labour Policy Advisory
  • Corporate Governance in Kenya
  • Kenya Company Formation Advisory
  • Consultancy on Company Restructuring and De-Registration in Kenya
  • Consultancy on Mergers & Acquisitions in Kenya
  • Consultancy on Brand Establishment in Kenya
  • Consultancy on Choosing Kenyan business Partners
  • Due Diligence on Business Partners and/or Business Opportunities

We also provide trade information related to Kenyan exports and imports. We collect and keep up-to-date information on all markets, tariffs, shipping information and documentation.

9. Business Forums

Members participate in business forums where matters affecting their operations are discussed, resolutions passed and actions taken to put right any wrongs. It is at these forums, for instance, that new government policies and their effect on business operations are discussed.

10. Education and Training

Through seminars and workshops members acquire business skills such as export marketing, record keeping, preparing business proposals, how and where to source business finance, among others..

11. Certificate of Origin

KNCCI -Nairobi also assists exporters in Kenya to obtain the Certificate of Origin (COO), an important international trade document that certifies that goods in a particular export shipment are wholly obtained, produced, manufactured or processed in Kenya. Issuance of COO’s by Chambers of commerce is an accepted practice worldwide.

To apply for an ordinary Certificate of Origin (COO) in Kenya, click here