The Do’s in Branding

13th July, 2021

A recent survey by Adobe/Harris (2020) has indicated that 50% of Generation Z consider themselves creative as they are more likely to innovatively risk and take their chances in new inventions.

The contemporary business world also notes so with key focus pointing toward accelerating the market through new and smart ideas.

Branding has become the in thing for most startups, Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and a handful of women in business (WIB).

The bone of contention however, remains in how branding has been construed and understood by most SMEs.

Branding entails the tools that portray your company’s and products image, principles and tone according to Busche in ‘The beginner’s guide to branding.’

It is determined by the quality and value of your vision and not how humongous you dream or envision yourself.

Youth Startups and SMEs can capitalise on branding through the following easy to memorise steps;

  • Knowing your niche by researching on your target audience and competitors; who are your prospects and who are in the same line of business as you so as to have a different marketing strategy.
  • What is your focus and personality? Know your bias and identity that will make you standout.
  • Picking your business name; what is in a name? Your name should narrate your story, vision, mission and goal.
  • What is your slogan? It should match you’re your mission and be aligned to your vision.
  • What are your corporate colours? They should portray your tone, line of business and the general outlook of your business.
  • Strategically designing your logo; it is the foundation of your brand identity hence it should capture the attention of your prospects and separate you from your competitors.
  • Maintaining your brand consistency; you should replicate your brand across your business.

Embrace digital marketing..

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